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our lives in stasis
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POD: Benz


Nice old 69 Benz c series, what a rusty ole bucket! I love this shot….. Guess what I used?

Coming back in!

Just a heads up to my followers and maybe those who stopped following; I’m starting to swing back into the groove! The majority of the health isues that I was having with my eye have been resolved and i’m ready to start updating and posting.  However, the competitive series will not be running anymore this year.  I greatly apologize.  Thank you guys for following and here’s to seeing you back soon!

Shutting Down

I apologize to everyone but I am leaving Static Instants sit indefinitely. Due to personal and medical reasons right now I think its best for me to hang it up.
Im either going to shut it down ir sell the site. Im not certain yet(idle even know how to hah). I owe two people prize packages yet, which will be mailed out. As of the end of this month who ever is in the mcs leadrboard will win the main prize.
I apologize to everyone, it was fun but I have to let it go. If there is interest in trsnsferring/buying s.i. please email me. Thank you to my fans, followers, and participants for the support.

POD: Scaped!

Here’s a shot from Judy Johnson to get your landscape mojo flowing!

Profile Update and Entries

Dina Farmer just updated her profile with some very nice new shots, check them out when you can!

It’s still time to get your shots in for the June m.c.s. for landscapes, pass the word and get it in lol!

To Savannah, Georgia

I love this shot!

POD: What a pair!

Great candid shoe shot if you ask me, somewhat dramatic imo.  Great pod by Dina Farmer!

POD: Lillybug

A ladybug and a lilly.  Serene and simple.  thanks to TxTisha!