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Everything is black and white

Black and white photography in my opinion is the definitive presentation for all photographs.  Moments caught in black and white seem to show a greater meaning.  The decreased saturation leads to a nostalgic feel which in turn evokes a memory of that particular moment.  People will say “Color photography will do the same.”  I say to them “Nope.”  There is just a specific feel that comes with desaturation.  Moments are meant to be historical and no color makes that moment seem more historic in my opinion.  If you would look at a picture of let’s say a brand new lambo you’ll see that particular moment as it was completely captured.  This leaves no recall to that moment.  If you look at the same picture in black and white your memory instantly becomes invoked.  You remember where it was, when it was taken, the color, that day etc. etc.  Black and white preserves that moment and make it nostalgia.  If yu look, at a color picture I think one is more inclined to process the image and then move on with no more thought given to that specific moment.  Black and white photos are where it’s at.




Couldn't pass it up. I think statuary is beautiful.

Do they make these in digital?

Sun Dial

Grow old watching this!

Not easy being green?


Anyone remember Battletoads?

When cats eat


He was hungry

Random sea shells

Sea Shells

Shells that were buried 3 feet under my yard.....weird


Photography in my opinion isn’t just about beauty.  It’s about capturing personal messages that you find, scenes or moments that strike you as important or influential, and it’s a bout fun.  Don’t be afraid to jump out of a comfort zone.  For instance, the other day I went to a grave yard and found so many impressive images.  You can check my page or posts to see what I mean.  The trip turn out to be a surprising one and I couldn’t be happier.  Just try to remember to not fall into a rut and take the same style or scene photographs time and time again.  Besides, amateur photography is raw, exciting, while also trying to become a well rounded artist!



Unconditional love isn't only from pets. It's from sisters to!

Welcome Dackel Photography!

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Dackel Photography

Dior baby!

Dackel Photography


Dackel Photography

Short throw...


Race Car

Apparently my grandpa ran races!