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POD: Look into my eyes

Like a deer in the headlight



My mopst favorite picture I took of all time. I love dinosaurs.

POD: On the prowel

So.....small but soooooo sexy

POD: Apples

Some apple's from Brown's todsy at ava's field trip.

If your an animal lover, I urge evryone to read this blog


Unremarkible story and my heart goes out to my friends for what happened.  Best of luck guys.

POD: Above the water

A little choppy down there...

POD: I like the fins


Your favorite shooting subject?

Personally I love to shoot statuary.  However, it is weird that I have to go to cemeteries or Gettysburg to get the best pictures.  Never the less items that were cast, or carved in some cases, are rare to find these days.  This begs the question:  What is yur favorite sunject to shoot?

POD:Ohhhhhhhhhh my, my, my

Great car candid.

POD: Rings

Great macro of some jewelery. Very nice.