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Thanksgiving double P.O.D.! Be thankful!

In honor of GT5's release!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you get fat and pass out and root for the Bengals domination of Dirty Sanchez and the Jets this evening!  (I really am a Mark Sanchez fan because USC is my fav college team).  Either way send some pics of what you ate today, pre-digestion please!

POD: Small column not

Monument at Gettysburg battlefield. Humbleling view.

POD: From the orchard

Veterans Day

Remember to thank any veterans you know or see ank thank them for their services!

Open Call

This is an open call to all photographers for photo submissions.  Please send all photos to staticinstants@yahoo.com.  There is no limit to the nuumber you can send; asend five photos at least.  Qualified submissions will earn their own page and a permanent spot on S.I!

POD: A boy’s best friend

New photographer added!

I just created a new page for J.M. Althouse photography.  Take a look at this up and comer!