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Great site link for info.


I found the info here to be very helpful and in Lehman’s terms.  See if the newbie photographer (such as myself) can use these to your advantage, especially if you have a dslr camera!



POD: ring

POD: Yoda forEVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoda is a soldier

How do you like it?

So as I  delve deeper into photography I am beginning to figure out two things.  First, I am really in love whit black and white photography.  It’s classy, it’s timeless it makes you think, it does so much.  Secondly I am a huge fan of decay.  Urban or rural i’ll shoot it whenever and wherever.  I do still like landscape and scenery as well as people but the decay angle is awesome.

The decay style just makes me think to what was this place or building before it’s current state, how did it get to this state, what will ultimately happen to these conditions, will anyone save it……  I hope not.  I love to shoot the digression of anything, except people – that’s just weird.  Toys, cars, people, monuments, building, scenery animal blah blah I love it all.  Iam happy to have found photography and I look forward to the possibilities of my art!


What time?

Anyone got the time?

POD: Escape

POD: My second house

POD: Apple Orchard Row

Hey people!

Hey everyone I didn’t forget about the public and their photos!  Time is really getting chewed up by work these days and the weather/scenery around here is quite blah this time of year.  I can’t wait till the spring to show off some great pics with the nikon.  Oh if anyone has some new things they wanna submit just let me know!