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Unreal wheather!

I would strongly suggest to anyone in southern Pa to get out and shoot today! It us absolutely freakin’ gorgeous. I know I will be after work.


POD: Going green

POD: How many does it take?

Profile Update!

Check out S. Harmon’s page for some new additions and enjoy!

POD: Don’t go looking for snakes

POD: Blossoming

4k views; ty ty very much!

Today Static Instants has surpassed 4000 views.  Shocked, amazed, amused whatever – I have to honestly say that I am completely blown away by the consistent views (since august of last year there is 5 or fewer days with no views) and occasional comments.  I want to thank all of my contributors for allowing me to get their art introduced to more people with in the online community.  I can only hope that Static Instants only continues to fuel my contributors as well as my growing obsession of photography.  I never thought that I would have ever started a blog, let alone a photography blog,  and watch said blog become a success in my eyes.

Thank you guys very much and keep viewing!


POD: What’s the daffodil?

POD: Oncoming storm

POD: Settleing down