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POD: Audi Blue



Not the best quality but I think it’s funny!

POD: I aim low




Thanks to my man Ry Chron for some assistance and insight!

POD: “I don’t always like Wranglers but when I do, I prefer this one

POD: One of my favorites

I know I keep posting this, I can't help it! This is one of my favorite photos that I've taken!


Static Instants just passed 6k views for all time.  I am super excited!  This is the second year of the blog and I want to grow the blog bigger.  I want to bring in more photographers…. spread the word!  I will be posting more, I already have the site hooked up with borrowlenses.com, and I’m in contact with some other companies for some viewer give aways.  Lets see what happens!  Thanks for the support again!

POD: A little light


Hakie has finally updated the Static Instants profile lol! I removed all of the older photos of mine (pre-nikon) and have replaced them with 16 quality shots in my opinion.  Please check them out and rate ’em!

POD: Chewie

Site Updates

Hey everyone!  The mobile page has finally been fleshed out and looking sexy.  As always I’ll always be adding to the page as the months go by.  Also my profile (Hakie) is completely blank as of right now.  I need to get current camera photos up there.  They should all be up by the end of the week; in the meantime I’ll still get a couple pod’s up during the week.