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POD & Insight: Triumphant/Photomatrix


Soooooooo I was intrigued by HDR today.  High dynamic range is an effect that brings drama and huge field depth to play in any photograph.  I’ve only ever used the HDR training effect in Photoshop and I really didn’t notice anything crazy.  While on digital-photography-school.com I ran into an article reviewing and instruction a program called Photomatrix.

It sounded great so I downloaded the trial and messed around with it(hence their watermarking on my pic).  Well my results can be seen below:


Basically the end results comes through via a number different photos that are at different exposures.  I didn’t do that through the camera for this pic so I used Lightroom to adjust the pictures exposure 4 different times and then kept the original as the fifth photo.  This is the first time I’ve tried this and it came out decent.  I’m not completely concerned with some of the fluorescence aspects of a few of the spots; I was mainly concerned with how the field depth could change and how it would compare to my POD and it’s adjustments through Lightroom.  A little bit more practice and I believe that this can be a good end process and a great program for $99.  I do urge everyone to check out digital-photography-school.com for outstanding information and reviews!






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