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POD: Jurassic Table?

I love dinosaurs… even if they are messy eaters.



POD: Straw snake!

A crafty straw snake at Raab Fruit farms in Dallastwon, Pa.  I had never seen anything like it until a month or so back, pretty cool.




POD: Black and white beauty

Fantastic shot from 1107 photography!



POD: Inspiration

This is the man.  My Great, Great Grandfather who owned two photography studios in our local area.  I’ve told the story before but as a recap, here we go!

My Grandmother always told me about him and how he used to own a hatchery and a photography studios during the early to mid 1900’s, I honestly never believed her.  One day while on a delivery in the southern part of York county I asked my driver to stop in here at the antique shop.  So we stopped in and were greeted by the nicest older gentlemen who was playing solitaire.  We made one pass around the first floor of this olde row home and on the way out I noticed a box of pictures.  Intrigued I dove right in.  I found two picture cards that were marked Penn Park Photography Studio.  I said to myself “SHIT!” (sorry but it’s true!)  My nanny was right, excitedly I bought them and paid the gentlemen and we were on our way.

Through further research online I only found three other photo cards with the similar marking floating around.  I did not find any crazy evidence to solidify that he was the owner.  A few weeks went by and I went to my aunt’s house for a visit.  I decided to take a look in the garage loft for anything, it’s a frickin’ time capsule up there.  I walked up the steps and stopped on the weakest step, of course, about three from the top and I looked to the left and saw a box.  It was an old cigar box, which I also love, and I opened it and I found more pictures marked with “Penn Park Studio” and then a picture of him.  Solid!

Later research also turned up that my g.g.f. is a copyright holder of three items, a former hatchery owner and a photographer/artist.  Awesome!  The pictures found with these were also critical clues in piecing together some of  my family history that I had no clue on as well as where some of my artistic inclinations were spurred from.  How cool is that?!



POD: Pumpkins puke?

It was a tough day for this gourd! I apologize about this week’s hiatus on the p.o.d.s. Life is getting crazy and I was lacking some subjects for shooting; sorry!

POD: Ogre at the faire

At the Pa Renascence Faire today we happened upon this crazy hand sculpted ogre.  Just in time for Halloween!


POD: God and country

This decal is situated on a world war 2 fighter at a local vfw (sorry I don’t know what type of fighter).  I think it’s pretty cool lol.  I apologize about the quality but the message is clear!


POD: Hanging in there

Winter is on the way yet, this lil’ lady is hanging onto her colors the best she can!


POD: In a row

Another day at Paules Orchard picking apples with the fam.  Great repetition in all of the rows.


POD: Game day at the orchard

Nothing better than my lil’ man rocking my Bengals hat listening to the game via Nfl live on the phone while eating apples straight from the apple tree!  The family had a great time and the Bengals WON….. awesome day