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Product Review: Delkin Snug-It Pro

Delkin Devices creates and offers technology that spans the entire technology genre including photography and mass storage solutions such as sd cards.  Delkin offers protection for us dslr users.  Their Snug -It Pro gel skins are made to help protect your device from the everyday grind and bumps of normal usage.

The aspects that I enjoy of the Snug -It Pro:

Flexibility- seriously it’s extremely flexible due to the silicone synthetics.  I love this because it allows for easy fitting around the dial knob of my d3100 and some of the other protruding pieces of the body.

More protection:  Not only do you receive the skin but you also get a piece of screen protector plastic; exactly the same material and application style that an iphone or any other smart phone would use these days.  After that is applied then there is a secondary hard plastic screen that inserts into the silicone body for further screen protection.

Fitment:  The fitment is as tight as it possibly can be to the body itself.  It seems a little loose but it                                          is extremely marginal.  Marginal enough not to even be concerned with it during the day to day routine.

Affordibility:  Priced at $36.74 via Delkin’s site.


Feel:  The skin is a little slippery at first.  Alot of silicone products these days are a little slick out of the box.  My iphone case was exactly the same but the slick feeling wears off in a couple days.  I do also wish that there was a little bit more of deepend grooves or some more tactile grips to help my hand feel more secure.

Fitment:  As I said before the fit is a tad loose.  I think some people may be a little deterred by this attribute.  It doesn’t bother me but to be fair I had to throw it in there.


After reviewing and using the product for a good solid day of shooting I would RECCOMEND purchasing this product.  Any product that aids in protecting an investment of multiple of hundreds of dollars is worth it’s weight in gold.  Not only will this skin in the long run gain some grip, it will also improve the re-sale of your camera body if you think about it.  The better the body shape is in the more likely people will see that you took obvious care for it and will hence give you more more via any medium you are selling it through.  Win Win.

Stop by Delkin.com for more information.  Thanks to Delkin Devices for providing the Snug-It Pro for review.



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