Our Lives in Stasis

S.I.’s New Flickr Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of my contributors, I initiated a Flickr page for Static Instants which is going to replace my personal Flickr account.  However, since the account is for Static Instants I would like to place all of your photos on the stream as well.  If you would like me to do so email me at staticinstants@gmail.com.  If I don’t hear anything by Friday then I am going to assume that it isn’t a big deal and that I can toss them onto the stream.

I know some of you are probably thinking “Flickr! WTF!?!?!” This is how I see it.  I made Static Instants to be a blog just for myself and my photography initially.  The first year goes by and then I decided to take it a bit more serious.  I began to reach out and comment and recruit.  To my amazement I have interacted with great people through a great service.  In time I began to collect and initiate a small community of photographer and readers…. kinda of like the world’s smallest version of Flickr.

Good news is that Static Instants keeps growing by leaps and bounds.  I figure that adding and inviting contacts via Flickr can only help Static Instants grow and become a well oiled machine of dedicated readers, followers and contributors.  Going back to the growth comment, last August was the first full year of statistical data; at that time the site averaged like 300 views a month.  Within the past 6 months and 8 days or so Static Instants is on pace to break over 3 THOUSAND views this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is absolutely nuts to me.

I always welcome suggestions and I will always strive to bring new information to the table that I find interesting and of cours the P.O.D. which is and will always be contributor generated.


Oh btw this will be a tee design for sure:


Thank you guys soooo much and please get your submissions in for the January subject and keep shooting!


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