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POD: Karate chizzop!

Dina Farmer with some more from Japan.  I can’t get enough from this series that she sent, the colors are awesome and the subject matter is boss!  Good shooting Dina!


POD: It’s me b****es!!!!!!

A quick shot of well, me!  Duh!

Just a reminder that this month’s competition is over tomorrow so get them votes in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


POD: Weelllllllllll………….

‘Nuff said on this person’s property.

POD: I’m in it

I tried taking shots of some eyes today and was sorely disappointed because of the lack of appropriate glass.  But, I found this shot which I thought was pretty cool.  I cropped the shot so that you can see the reflection of myself very faintly.  Pretty cool imo.  Enjoy!

POD: Gar, gar, gar

I just missed the pod for yesterday technically; MY BAD!  I was lens shopping and completely lost track of time.

Anyways, here is the POD for today and it’s of my alligator gar which is currently in my fam’s furniture store. HAHAH, retrospectively thinking, that’s fucking weird seeing a prehistoric fish in a furniture store……


Get your votes in for February, it’s almost over!


I love this shot!, Sweet job.


Above is a picture I shot of buzzards in a tree with Venus and the Moon above.   It shows life and tends to the more morbid end of photography.

The thing about life is that we never really understand it.   We simply delude ourselves into thinking we do.   Enough figures, studies, cellular diagrams, this and that result not in us understanding life, but rather it results in us thinking someone must.

The truth of life is it is beyond comprehension.   There are two points where this becomes crystal clear.   At the moment of birth and the moment of death.   What is this thing called life ?

I tend to think we miss the point when we view ourselves as individuals, rather we are part of a larger culture, as in a larger culture in a petri dish.   Collective thought and identity have vanished…

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Choose Love

Yes, more clouds, you can tell where my passion is heading, these ones looked like fire in the sky, just amazing


1/100 sec

ISO 250


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New Feb. entry and updates

Andy Buckner just added 2 photos to his profile and Sheila Harmon just submitted a shot for February’s competition.

Remember to get those votes in and get your best shots ready for next Month!

POD: Marbled

An interesting shot from one Mr. Buckner.  I enjoy it, you?