Our Lives in Stasis

Show some love to this budding blogger!

Alice through the Macro Lens

I’ve just realised that my humble little blog has been a whistle-stop for more than 1,000 visitors already!

It wasn’t even four weeks ago when I was sitting in smugness at the fact that more than five people had stopped by of their own accord, and I wasn’t even related to them!

I didn’t notice the numbers were over 1,000 until just now, and if my maths are right, it must have happened a couple of days ago. I’m a little sad that I missed the actually roll over from 999 to 1,000. I know it has little impact on the meaning of life, but I like to see things like that. Sadly, I missed watching my car mileage roll over to 100,000 miles too. Same thing when it was getting close to 123,456. I watched the mileometer for ages, grabbing a peek every thirty seconds, and then got distracted (probably by something irritating like driving …)…

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