Our Lives in Stasis


I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me today but I swear i’m pms-ing so to speak.  I saw a yolung child at taco bell today who was a little older than my on but he had a crossed eye.  I just observed his behavior while waiting an noticed how he struggled to focus on his food and always seemed to keep his head down when he talked, honestly it probably because he was eating – who knows.  Anyways I was just hit with  a “That sucks” moment and I for some reason began to get choked up.  I don’t knw why.  It bothered me all day.

So I come home and start to put the kids swing set together and then come in for a bit.  I was hanging around and watching the kids and I started snapping off.  I focused alot on my son.  The kid from the bell and Caden are fairly similar in appearance and I was able to catch some nice candids.

Maybe i’m getting soft or maybe I got to the points where my kids are completely changing my attitude and way of thinking.  DAMN KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111


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