Our Lives in Stasis

POD: Big Blue

I have tried for two years to get a decent shot of a Heron to no avail…. until today!  I spent half an hour driving around this large creek through neighborhoods and warehouses looking for a) the heron or b) the stork.  I eventually found the heron on the southern side of the creek.  The only reason I know that these guys frequent here is because we drive over the bridge a lot doing deliveries and I ALWAYS look lol.  This was shot with a nikon 1.8 35mm at 1/320th with f10.  I didn’t realize that the f was so high until editing.  I was too excited to keep getting closer to this guy.  I was inching in real close, probably 70 feet or so from the bank that I was standing on, then it turned it’s head and took off.  “Damn it!”  Being a greedy American I wanted more.  Being that he was by the water breaking I ideally would’ve enjoyed having my tripod with the nikon 200mm zoom and then put a shutter delay on.  Since the heron remained still for a number of seconds I feel that a shot with the water breaking all nice and smooth would’ve been pretty boss.  Here’s to next time!

Because of the time and longing for a shot of a heron – this is one of my most, if not the most, personally satisfying photographs that I’ve snapped.


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