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POD: Red Tails

Red Tailed Hawk


POD: Mothra!!!!

Huge polythemus moth that was on my garage roof, stuck.  I tried to get her off of the roof but she just fell to the ground.  I was able to get alot of shots of her which was cool.  Sadly she died as she couldn’t fly for what ever reason.  So I brought inside and sat her in the light box for more shots the next day.  Low and behold the next day she was on the floor out of the box.  that was it sadly and now she is just a display specimen for a friends kids.  Keep an eye out for these guys this year they are gorgeous and huge.  This female was about 5-6 inches wide(males obviously get bigger and have more color).

POD: Big Blue

I have tried for two years to get a decent shot of a Heron to no avail…. until today!  I spent half an hour driving around this large creek through neighborhoods and warehouses looking for a) the heron or b) the stork.  I eventually found the heron on the southern side of the creek.  The only reason I know that these guys frequent here is because we drive over the bridge a lot doing deliveries and I ALWAYS look lol.  This was shot with a nikon 1.8 35mm at 1/320th with f10.  I didn’t realize that the f was so high until editing.  I was too excited to keep getting closer to this guy.  I was inching in real close, probably 70 feet or so from the bank that I was standing on, then it turned it’s head and took off.  “Damn it!”  Being a greedy American I wanted more.  Being that he was by the water breaking I ideally would’ve enjoyed having my tripod with the nikon 200mm zoom and then put a shutter delay on.  Since the heron remained still for a number of seconds I feel that a shot with the water breaking all nice and smooth would’ve been pretty boss.  Here’s to next time!

Because of the time and longing for a shot of a heron – this is one of my most, if not the most, personally satisfying photographs that I’ve snapped.

New April Entry! POD:: Alfie

S. Harmon just submitted her 3rd and final entry for April!  I’m sorry but I seem to always re post past favs of mine, this is one is no exception.  I hope everyone has a good weekend!

POD: Unconditional

Andy Buckner brings us a sight that I’m sure every one has seen – unconditional love between an owner and pet.  A fitting POD for the month imo!  Great work Andy!

New April Entry!!!!!!



Judy Johnson just added a submission for April, it’s a cutie!!!!!

POD: Maggie Mag

Oh my maggie, Maggie Swaggie. Ma Ma, a**hole; which ever we call her we still love her.  There’s still time for April entries for the Pet subject – Get it in!

POD: This guy….

I hate this bird!  I know hate is a strong word and I can say whole heartily that I HATE this bird.  This guy comes up to my patio door and flies into it repeatedly and then, AND THEN it craps everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hakie = not happy!

POD: Meow

1107 Photography brings us this repeat shot BIT it’s truly fitting for this month’s theme.  Plus I like so “nah nah nah nah”!

POD: The Goodfeather

J. Glover brings us a tough pigeon from NYC.  It instantly reminded me of the Animaniacs t.v. show that had the group of mafia pigeons called The Goodfeathers.  Anywho… March is almost over so get your pics in before voting starts on April 1st!!!!!!!11