Our Lives in Stasis


POD: Benz


Nice old 69 Benz c series, what a rusty ole bucket! I love this shot….. Guess what I used?


POD: My, my, my,…. wish you were mine

Andy Buckner gives us a small peak into what it’s like looking into an M3 (BMW).  Nice lighting sir, well done!

POD: Beaming

Andy Buckner’s beamer is beaming in this road shot.  Great shot even though you said it wasn’t quite what you wanted boss!

POD: Anything in my teeth?

Tisha Clinkenbeard gives us the font end of something sexy lol.  Soooo nice!  Antone with input as to what it is I would gladly appreciate it!

POD: Forgotten

Andy Buckner provides today’s shot of a vehicle from times past.  I love the natural color combinations with the car’s color mashed in the middle.  Very “America” to me.

POD: See the face?

Lazy sunday around here which is awesome!  So here’s a lazy picture of the dash in my jeep.  Kinda reminded me one of those mexican day of the dead skulls.  I hope your sunday was just as lazy!

POD: 2013 Ford Mustang


So here is the long awaited Mustang!

This one is more 18 or 1913 though sorry!

POD: Good ole philly

A little philly city scape by Dawn Haggerty.  Bluuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

POD: Dirty old tow

Nice hdr’ed photo of Mortland’s Auto Body by Dawn Haggerty, great field depth and contrasts here dawn!

POD: Beaming

I posted this a long time ago but it’s still a fav of mine!