Our Lives in Stasis


POD: Benz


Nice old 69 Benz c series, what a rusty ole bucket! I love this shot….. Guess what I used?


POD: Scaped!

Here’s a shot from Judy Johnson to get your landscape mojo flowing!

POD: Lillybug

A ladybug and a lilly.  Serene and simple.  thanks to TxTisha!

M.C.S. Winner; Pod: Onlooking

This pic got alot of love on facebook recently.  I took it with my old Droid 2 and I believe it came along quite great!

Also the winner of our May contest was is Leah Givens, #13!  The leaderboard is already updated!

POD: Scaping the land

It’s June and landscapes is the topic for this month’s contest!  Here’s some inspiration from 1107 Photography!  Submissions are now on and so is voting for the May contest, go and vote for your fav flora shot…NOW!

POD: Lilly Up!

Since the Flora portion of the m.c.s. is over at midnight, here is one of mine!  I love lilies.. plain and simple!  Entries are due at midnight and the June competition for landscapes open!

New May entry, Profile Update: Andy Buckner Photography, & POD: BEAST Mode

Beat mode for Andy Buckner’s brother, geez man – I could only wish to have half of his drive to be that dedicated; great shot Andy and great work to your brother!

Also Andy BUckner updated his profile while David Williams added one more entry to the May contest!


Get yur votes in!

POD: Never Forgotten

Here’s a quick snap that I got at an old, seemingly forgotten cemetery last year.  I’ve never come across a vet of the War of 1812.  I was blown away and even more astounding by the fact that someone took the time to stop by this small road side ground to plant a flag in remembrance.  Thank you for your service and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

Profile Update; POD: Marist College

Dina Farmer updated her profile with 5 new shots and one of those also is our POD.  Marist College in Tuscon.  According to Dina, this college is possibly on the way to abandonment.  Like Dina, I hope that that never happens!

POD: In memory of

Only fitting that we fly old glory today in the memory of those whom selflessly gave their lives so we can be the country that we are now.  Although our government sucks at the moment, our military still protects.  Thank you!