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POD: What a pair!

Great candid shoe shot if you ask me, somewhat dramatic imo.  Great pod by Dina Farmer!


Product Review: Think Tank Photo’s Streetwalker Pro

Think Tank Photo is a huge producer of fine camera storage solution and accessories for those photographer of all levels who are constantly on the move. Recently Think Tank allowed me to review one of the Streetwalker line up bags; the Streetwalker Pro.  Here we go!
      I have never used any specialized type of transportation for my cameras… not even a Wal-Mart    bag.  I wouldn’t give Wal-Mart my money anyways, that is a different story and a different blog!
      Starting with some picture over here to the left from top to bottom.  If you can notice the nice detail of the mesh ing which is on the surface that contacts your back, I love  this so the bag and
your back  can breathe while carrying your items, very important when “in the field”.  The second
photo show a demostrative view of  an idea of what exactly can be  placed into the main  area of
the Streetwalker Pro.  Please click the photo to see a larger view of what is demonstrated.  Next is
the backflap of the zippered opening; the back basically has a few zippered compartments
that are made of plastic.  Great spots  for well , anything.  I personally would but extra batteries
and sd cards because of the plastic protection.

  The next three show two interior pictures and a plastic bag.  I love the fact that they ship the bag  with a bag.  It is almost completely ingenius to send this self folding plastic rain cap(if you will)
which is intended to cover the main bag in rain or snow when you can’t reach a dry spot.  Awesome!
I’ve always heard that it’s the little things that mean most, and whoever those people are, are
correct.  The interior comes with many different smaller pieces which can be re-arranged in any
configuration to fit custom to your hardware needs.  The most important aspect of the bag here
is that these small pieces are all velcro tipped.  The velcro and the opposing material really connect
a solid union which keeps lenses and hoods in place during transit.

The front and rear views of the bag, when you click the nail, will give you a pretty good idea of the size of                       the bag.  The bag comes in at 16.5 inches high, 7 inches deep, and 9 inches wide.  All in all a great size especially for my self being 6-3.  The straps well padded and rest comfortably on  the shoulders plus Think Tank offers a generous amount of adjustment as expected.  The outside of the pack is adorned equally on both sides with both a zippered compartment overplayed with a stretchable pocket.  A close up of the zipper gives an idea of the size and thickness of the rock climbing rope-ish material used for the pull.

     The Streetwalker Pro is full of pros!  Strong construction, heavy stitching and quality nylon material add to the durability of the size of the bag.   Large zippers and heavy duty pulls lessen the chances of the annoying zipper derailment.  Thick padded straps and a breathable back make carrying the back less unbearable compared to non-vented bags.   Plastic lining on the interior of the main opening helps to keep smaller gear clear of the main body and lens components while keeping things dry if it ever becomes soaked.  Almost endless amounts of room in the Pro model makes it a great middle man in the three part lineup, where as the step up has room for a laptop and the step down has less space obviously.  As far as cons there really is no hindrance other than price.  Retailing at $169.75 may be steep to those who have just recently stumbled onto the field.  Granted this bag has way too much room for the equipment that a newbie would likely have, still you never know.  Personally I think it’s a fair price considering the protection that this offers for your hundreds of dollars that are going to be stored inside of it.
     Ultimately the Streetwalker Pro is an all around outstanding bag from my view point.  It fits the needs that I currently have and I feel safe putting my equipment into the bag for storage and moving about; which is what it’s made to do!
Please check out more information on the Streetwalker Pro and Think Tank Photo!
Thanks to Brian at Thnk Tank Photo for the sponsorship for this review!