Our Lives in Stasis

Chris Fitzgerald

I am uber-excited to have Mr. Fitzgerald hop onto the contributor team.  I absolutely love his composition, subjects, and personal touch.  PLUS, like myself, is a heavy metal fan as well as a closet Lady Gaga fan.  F*ck yeah!!!!!
“I take photos like a beast. I really can’t get enough of it. Mostly what I am in love with is the collaboration it takes to create an image…how we will share our creativity with someone else to create a picture. That takes a lot of trust. I love the ocean but I’m terrified of it so I’m learning to surf, slowly and clumsily. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and two giant dogs. Guilty pleasures: Lady GaGa, cheeseburgers, heavy metal and graphic novels.   Feel free to get in touch!  “

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