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POD: Red Tails

Red Tailed Hawk


POD: Big Blue

I have tried for two years to get a decent shot of a Heron to no avail…. until today!  I spent half an hour driving around this large creek through neighborhoods and warehouses looking for a) the heron or b) the stork.  I eventually found the heron on the southern side of the creek.  The only reason I know that these guys frequent here is because we drive over the bridge a lot doing deliveries and I ALWAYS look lol.  This was shot with a nikon 1.8 35mm at 1/320th with f10.  I didn’t realize that the f was so high until editing.  I was too excited to keep getting closer to this guy.  I was inching in real close, probably 70 feet or so from the bank that I was standing on, then it turned it’s head and took off.  “Damn it!”  Being a greedy American I wanted more.  Being that he was by the water breaking I ideally would’ve enjoyed having my tripod with the nikon 200mm zoom and then put a shutter delay on.  Since the heron remained still for a number of seconds I feel that a shot with the water breaking all nice and smooth would’ve been pretty boss.  Here’s to next time!

Because of the time and longing for a shot of a heron – this is one of my most, if not the most, personally satisfying photographs that I’ve snapped.

POD; Almost readyyyyy!

A shot of my little lady getting read for her ballett pictures.  This was great practice that produced some good results I think!  Enjoy!

I love this one!

POD: Millions of peaches….for me

Peaches comin’ in from my backyard.  Hopefully the deer stay off of them this year so I can actually eat some!

POD: Given for you

This is one of my first shots that I ever took.  This was on an older entry level Sony Alpha series dslr with the kit lens.  I had no idea what I was doing other than pointing and shooting.  This is still one of my favorite photos.  Enjoy and remember to get those shots in for March!

POD; Up and away

My lil’ one looking out a window.  This was one of the first shots that we tried with the 35mm 1.8 Nikkor.  Works very well and fast for anyone wondering!

POD: It’s me b****es!!!!!!

A quick shot of well, me!  Duh!

Just a reminder that this month’s competition is over tomorrow so get them votes in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Entries, Edits and POD:

OK so we have two new February competitors, Andymcneephoto and helensphotomania who combined submitted three new shots.

Here is one of my lilies that always grow in the front of our house, no matter what!  I have a special place for lilies, I don’t know why but I’ve always loved them!

POD: Nike

Continuing with the P.a. Monument is the details of Nike above the entire monument! (unedited again lol)

POD: Comin’ for ya!

The first shot of the new year goes to…………………….  ANGRY BIRDS!!!  Who doesn’t love angry birds?  That being said I took a quick shot of  my daughters plushies today just for fun, enjoy!