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POD: Red Tails

Red Tailed Hawk


Coming back in!

Just a heads up to my followers and maybe those who stopped following; I’m starting to swing back into the groove! The majority of the health isues that I was having with my eye have been resolved and i’m ready to start updating and posting.  However, the competitive series will not be running anymore this year.  I greatly apologize.  Thank you guys for following and here’s to seeing you back soon!

POD: It says what you thought it said!

I had to share this one……

POD: Owl face

I’ve heard before that humans compare any unknown image or pattern and liken it to a human face because it is one of the most common images we see.  I guess that’s true since I see an owl named Wat…..

POD: In the tank

This storage silo (in a sense) is part of the Hershey’s chocolate plant in Hershey, Pa.  When we went to their wild life park and looked up at these we were amazed at how large these actually are.  Nope.  I have no clue what’s in it hah!

POD: Alfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just going aloing with the puppy p.o.d.  here is my lil’ Alfie!  We call him Chewie every now and again…

POD: Street memorial

This is one of my few shots at color splash, it took a little while using Photoshop but I think it came out decent.  I was able to grab this scene from the curb of Princess St. in York, Pa where i’m assuming someone was tragically murdered.  The city has been littered with these candle memorials for awhile now.  Honestly I think it’s pretty decent that the city doesn’t pick them up and toss them like traditional litter.  At least some respect is shown to the ones who lost their lives.

POD: “Hawvest” Updated

This is Harvest. Our two year old call her hawvest lol.  She is a stray that has become a great addition to the family.  She lives outside but sleeps in our garage, plays with the kids, and she is a s super mouser!  Down right cute to!

POD: Jurassic Table?

I love dinosaurs… even if they are messy eaters.


POD: Straw snake!

A crafty straw snake at Raab Fruit farms in Dallastwon, Pa.  I had never seen anything like it until a month or so back, pretty cool.