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POD: Lillybug

A ladybug and a lilly.  Serene and simple.  thanks to TxTisha!


POD: Mothra!!!!

Huge polythemus moth that was on my garage roof, stuck.  I tried to get her off of the roof but she just fell to the ground.  I was able to get alot of shots of her which was cool.  Sadly she died as she couldn’t fly for what ever reason.  So I brought inside and sat her in the light box for more shots the next day.  Low and behold the next day she was on the floor out of the box.  that was it sadly and now she is just a display specimen for a friends kids.  Keep an eye out for these guys this year they are gorgeous and huge.  This female was about 5-6 inches wide(males obviously get bigger and have more color).

POD: Small walk


“Garden Walk” one of Judy Johnsons epic like scenes.  This is a crazy big mountain lol!  Very nice color contrasts also.