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POD: Red Tails

Red Tailed Hawk


POD: Scaped!

Here’s a shot from Judy Johnson to get your landscape mojo flowing!

POD: What a pair!

Great candid shoe shot if you ask me, somewhat dramatic imo.  Great pod by Dina Farmer!

POD: Lillybug

A ladybug and a lilly.  Serene and simple.  thanks to TxTisha!

POD: My, my, my,…. wish you were mine

Andy Buckner gives us a small peak into what it’s like looking into an M3 (BMW).  Nice lighting sir, well done!

M.C.S. Winner; Pod: Onlooking

This pic got alot of love on facebook recently.  I took it with my old Droid 2 and I believe it came along quite great!

Also the winner of our May contest was is Leah Givens, #13!  The leaderboard is already updated!

POD:What do you think?

Chris Fitzgerald – Fashion Photographer supplies us with another show stopper!  Great look and feel on this one Chris.  Her stare, makes the shot!

Mobile POD: Stoney Lonen: god of Rehoboth




The best meal of this vacation ever
seen Stoney Lonen is the best Irish pub/ restaurant period. Highly suggested!

Mobile POD: Spartans!!!!!!!


This kid is killing me this vacation lol! Fun times and the kids are loving life!

Mobile POD: Jealous


Im on vacation for the next few days here at Rehobeth Beach De so for that time those pods are gonna be mobile! Remember to get those votes in for May and your submissions for June!