Our Lives in Stasis

Tisha Clinkenbeard

Photography captured Tisha years ago before we had the digital wonders for cameras. A little over 2 years ago she discovered the passion for digital photography and found a venue for expressing her loves of nature and the things that she finds along the way. Her life offers many opportunities to capture the world  around her and her goal is to share what she finds Round & About – which was an inspiration for the title of her photo blog: foundroundandabout.com.

Tisha’s primary inspiration and supporter is her husband, Shannon. Her mother, Elizabeth, and longtime friends Pamela and Lisa are also wonderful supporters.

She has just started the process of doing art shows – with two under her belt now. Several of her photos have appeared on Birds & Blooms magazine online – two making the feature pictures on the April and
December 2011 online newsletters. Tisha was also a finalist in the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center Regional Competition this March.


One response

  1. sheila

    Breath taking pictures.Thanks for sharing. click on my friend.

    April 21, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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