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POD: At ya


POD:Follow the light

C.A.M. Photography Profile Update

C.A.M. has allowed me to post up a few pictures of their work.  Check it out and see what you think?


POD: In the clouds

POD: Zembo’s

POD: Take this

In my opinion one of the best pictures that I have ever taken.

POD: Apollo

Off Topic: Charlies Sheen paying for a wedding?

So my friend who lives in Florida right now is engaged to a girl who lives in Pennsylvania.  He launched a site http://willcharliesheenpayformywedding.com/.  The whole point is for Charlie to agree to set up a photo shoot with my friend in order to sell the pictures to in return, pay for his wedding.  I love the site, the idea and everything surrounding it.  Please help my friend(who should have a page here any day) fulfill his warlock dreams!


WordPress and spam

So i’m super tired of getting spammed by little deusch bags about their dumb website that I don’t care about.  Granted Askimet had stopped a lot of spam; however it shouldn’t have to.  That being said I may decide to move Static Instants to a secondary or main provider.  Just giving the heads up.  WordPress.com is great don’t get me wrong but sometimes I feel that blogger has more to offer.


POD: Waterfall