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POD: Mooner

I am in love with taking shots of the moon lately.  I just upgraded my tripod and was able to fire a couple decent shots.  Once I get a newer lens than  my real old tamron 70-300mm.  Well enjoy!


POD: Sandra

Loving the soft focus here from shelleydlm!


Jazzersten's HDR Blog

As we cross the bridge at Adams Basin (a tiny town of 3-6 buildings), we turn right and pass the ubiquitous History sign at each entrance to the Erie Canal Pathway. This pathway is maintained by the state for walkers and bicyclists and goes for hundreds of miles. More on the sign later and perhaps a closeup glimpse of the historic photos there.  The Pathway is where the donkeys, mules and horses used to walk along towing the un motorized barges and canal boats in the canal to destinations all over New York state. They were laden with grain, produce, products and even stone for commerce. This is why the Pathway is also called the “Towpath”.  The animals were harnessed and roped to the long thick towrope to each boat and as they tired they would put out a plank and take the animal onboard for a rest and get out…

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New March Entries!!!!!

Ryan Chronister just added two entries to the March Automotive Contest!  Check the March page for a quick look.

I’m diggin’ her creativity and intimacy. Great blog here!


I have had a lot of Boudoir sessions, especially in the past couple of months.  I usually do my sessions out of my home in my living room… yes my living room.  Today I had a customer come in and she was so surprised that I am able to create something so beautiful from such simple backdrops.  I am sure she was expecting to walk into a studio type set up with lights set up and backgrounds hanging down, you know the usual studio set up.  Instead she walked in where I had a blow up mattress set up with plain white sheets and a couple of pillows up against my plain white wall.

I have very few things that I do within my sessions (background or prop wise) that I change.  I have a simple black fleece cut into two pieces on for covering the mattress and…

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POD: Tulip

Today’s pic comes from Judy Johnson, I love the lighting effect that she achieved here.  Off camera flash maybe? Great result any how!

POD: Blooming pear

Here’s a bloom shot of our ornamental pear tree (at least that’s what I was told) this morning.  I love these blossoms!

POD: Millions of peaches….for me

Peaches comin’ in from my backyard.  Hopefully the deer stay off of them this year so I can actually eat some!

POD: Ripple & reflect

Tisha Clinkenbeard got it right on this shot as we say one last farewell to winter!

POD: “And what a catch!”

Well Caden and I are droppin’ the ladies off today at a baby shower, this shots seems fitting for today especially since the season starts soon!  Thanks to Dackel for today’s shot!