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POD: Taco Bowls

Here’s some crazy good looking taco bowl thingy’s from the skinny way of life’s back pocket.


Blog goals for 2012 and comps

Hey everyone! I want to start off by saying thank you for making the first 6 months of my second year the most successful yet.  As far as blog resolutions are to get some revenue generated somehow in order to go self hosted in order to gain more space for further expansion. I want to work with more companies, if they respond, in order to gain connections and some products for give aways and competition prizes. Also the monthly competition will start tommorrow. I will post more details later today with complete details.
Personally I want to try the shot a day for 366 DAYS, yep laugh at everyone doing 365 projects because they have no clue!  I think that this will help me improve greatly as an amateur.
So here is to 2012 for hopefully being a productive year for everyone!

POD: In the tank

This storage silo (in a sense) is part of the Hershey’s chocolate plant in Hershey, Pa.  When we went to their wild life park and looked up at these we were amazed at how large these actually are.  Nope.  I have no clue what’s in it hah!

POD: Sisters

Nice candid shot from CAM, check into his 3 shot updated profile also.

Update and POD

Dawn just updated her lil’ old profile with a whopping 19 new photos.  Please stop in and check them out.  In the mean time here ia one of those for the p.o.d.!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what religion or creed you may be, the majority of the world is celebrating family and friends around this time of the year at least.  I think that religion is only a part of the mystique of this time of the year.  Maybe it’s the winter solstice or just the legends of Santa Claus and other mysterious gift givers that makes everyone all soft.  Personally I think it’s kids.

Those with kids know exactly what I’m talking about.  The sight of your children or child opening and inspecting an unknown toy/present is priceless. No matter the reaction you are guaranteed a moment that will stay with you.

Be safe and enjoy your surroundings no matter how fun or how stressful they may be this time of the year, you never know if you’ll have another!

POD: Alfie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just going aloing with the puppy p.o.d.  here is my lil’ Alfie!  We call him Chewie every now and again…

POD: Sara

Little Sara caught in mid shake.  Andy i’m assuming she shakes alot?  In my experience these little guys just hang around and bark and shake lol.  Is Sara a chihuahua?

POD: In the web

Light can be caught, take that physics!

POD: Behind the trumpet

A memorial shot from the Gettysburg national memorial Park in Pennsylvania.  The memorial reads:

“This memorial was erected by the state of Louisiana to honor her sons who fought and died at Gettysburg July 1-2-3, 1863. In particular it memorializes the 2300 infantrymen of Hays and Nicholl’s Louisiana brigades, The cannoneers in the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, and those in The Louisiana Guard, Madison, and Donaldsonville Artillery Batteries.”
“This memorial is presented to the Gettysburg National Military Park by the State of Louisiana under the administration of the Honorable John J. McKeithen, Governor State of Louisiana, Honorable Lamar Gibson, Director Louisiana State Parks and Recreation Commission and the Gettysburg Memorial Commission”